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You’re A Grand Old Rag

How a Civil War vet inspired one of our favorite patriotic tunes.

Gone Fishin’

Summer begins at 1:16 EST in the Northern Hemisphere...time to celebrate.

Canada Day

Hope you like Maple Frosting...it's Canada's Birthday!

Doin’ The Racoon

You’re listening to Billy Murray with “Doin’ the Racoon” on a cylinder from 1926 and…

No Angel

Rocket 88

One of the first songs in rock and roll history, and maybe the first to use guitar distortion…but, not on purpose.

Johnny Appleseed

The legendary Johnny Appleseed was not only real, but a real shrewd businessman.

Beethoven Hearts Bach

Johannes Sebastian Bach’s first published piece


The Flying Saucer

War of the Worlds…dj style.

The Colonel Bogey March

One of the most famous, and best-selling, marches of all time.
Colorful Guitars by Raul! on Flickr

Eddie Durham

Eddie Durham with Moten Swing.
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