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My Hawaiian Evening Star

  Instrumentation in the past century of recorded music has been dominated by guitars, drums, horns, and, more recently, keyboards and synthesizers. But some ...

The Peat Bog Soldiers

From Wikipedia: Die MoorsoldatenWohin auch das Auge blicket. Moor und Heide nur ringsum. Vogelsang uns nicht erquicket. Eichen stehen kahl und krumm. Wir sind ...

The Banjo King

You can’t help but admire the patriotism of a guy who lies about his age to get into the Navy. Especially if that age ...

Loch Lomond

You’re listening to Marie Morrissey on an Edison cylinder record from 1917.

There be Sirens!

Have you heard the siren’s call today? You might have, and not even known it.

The Victoria Cross

You’re listening to “My Word! Jones of the Lancers” by Stanley Kirkby.

Beethoven Hearts Bach

Johannes Sebastian Bach’s first published piece

Arthur Murray…Taught Me Dancing…

...In a hurry!

The Music Goes Round and Round

Mae Questel made a career out of doing other people’s voices

Never Let Me Go

Ace can handle King, but nothing beats cold hard steel.

Someday You’ll Say OK!

You’re listening to You’re listening to Vaughn DeLeath with “Someday You’ll Say OK”, recorded in 1927 and… with “Someday You’ll Say OK”, recorded in ...

Mary and the Lamb

Well you know this one…the first verse anyway.
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