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Wal, I Swan!

Al Bernard, "The Boy from Dixie".

Insurance Policy Blues

What happens when the high-gloss worlds of archived sound and auto insurance collide? Hope you’ve got a policy for excitement.

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Alice goes down the rabbit hole to find…Elmer Fudd?!

The Tyger

Feel Like Going to Town?

The Harlem Hamfats...born at the wrong time.

Joe Hill

An anthem for the wrongly-accused.
"Gilded Kinetoscope" Image courtesy of kara brugman via Flickr

The Black Maria

The first copyrighted film was not a comedy, a thriller, but a…(ahem)...bodily function

Murder on the High C’s

Do not adjust your radio. It’s actually supposed to sound like this.

Ain’t It The Truth

William James Basie got his start in Harlem, but he wasn’t “Count Basie” ‘til he got to Kansas City.

The Edison Tone Tests

Is it live, or is it…Edison?

Band of Gideon

The Fisk Jubilee Singers with Band of Gideon, a cylinder recording from 1927

Lalapaluza Lu

"The girlfriend of the Armed Forces."
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