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Someday You’ll Say OK!

You’re listening to You’re listening to Vaughn DeLeath with “Someday You’ll Say OK”, recorded in 1927 and… with “Someday You’ll Say OK”, recorded in ...

National Library Week – Mary Baker Eddy

How a serious injury influenced the founding of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

National Library Week – Greek Folk

The NYC folk music scene you probably didn't know about.

National Library Week – The Prisonaires

A pretty little tune written by a couple of fellas…just walking around…prison.

National Library Week – Hans Kronold’s Lecture

We’re spoiled here at Sound Beat, listening to and learning about the very best recordings ever made. But as Syracuse University Libraries Cataloger Jennifer ...

The Music Goes Round and Round

Mae Questel made a career out of doing other people’s voices

Brooklyn Baseball Cantata

Sometimes second place hurts just as bad as last.

Seattle Hunch

How Jelly Roll Morton struck jazz gold in the Emerald City.

The 1000 Islands Song

Arthur Godfrey was a 50’s tv and radio icon, an aviator, equestrian…but not such a great tour leader. You’re on the Sound Beat You’re ...

When the Atom Bomb Fell

Up and Atom! It's the music of the Atomic Age.

There be Sirens!

Have you heard the siren’s call today? You might have, and not even known it.

The Contralto and the Physicist

You’re listening to Marian Anderson with “Heav’n, Heav’n”, a Masterpiece 78 from 1943, and You’re on the Sound Beat. When Marian Anderson performed at ...
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