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Beautiful Texas

Not all press is good press.

Ogden Nash’s Bankers

You’re listening to Ogden Nash read his poem: “Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer”, and, You’re on the Sound Beat. What’s wrong ...

The Knoxville Girl

It’s Murder Ballad Week…You’re listening to the Story of the Knoxville Girl, by the Blue Sky Boys, and…

Cocaine Blues

Love, Loss and Cold-blooded killers…It’s Murder Ballad week.

The Phonograph

A voice from two centuries away....

Feel Like Going to Town?

The Harlem Hamfats...born at the wrong time.

TR and the Boys

How Theodore Roosevelt gave a young editor a square deal.

You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hounddog

You might know Elvis’ version better, but Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller wrote the song for Big Mama Thornton.

The Christmas Song

Digital Wassling at it’s finest! It’s Happy Holidays week, and…

I Got it Bad

A song for the lovelorn.

Bikini Blues

Whatever can explain the bikini’s popularity? I mean…It’s not rocket science…or, is it?

Mule Skinner Blues

A muleskinner’s job was not quite as…grim as it sounds. Still...kinda grim though.