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The Colonel Bogey March

One of the most famous, and best-selling, marches of all time.

Never Let Me Go

Ace can handle King, but nothing beats cold hard steel.

Swing Time

There was only partner who really filled Fred Astaire's dance card.

Bye Bye, Love

One man’s trash is another man’s…million-selling record.

The Barbers of Seville

Rossini’s Barber of Seville was the first Italian opera performed in the United States, but the first performance back home was met with boos ...

Having Fun With the Orchestra

Though he was son to a political activist and a penmanship expert, Len Spencer still knew how to have a little fun.


One of the first operas. Period.


Jay McShann gave birth to the “Kansas City Sound”, but this song has gone down in history as a beginning of another sort.

Launch of Sputnik

The Soviets took a major leap ahead in the space race, 54 years ago today.

Sam…the Pants!

Here’s an up-tempo tale of tailoring gone awry.

National Chili Month

It’s the perfect time of year for a bowl of red, whether you’re tailgating or seeking respite from the “chilly” weather. But where did ...

Big Maceo

You’re listening to Big Maceo, a pioneer of Chicago Blues, and you’re on the Sound Beat.