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Old Ironsides Saved By…A Poem

How Old Ironsides was saved from destruction…not by tactic or armor, but by a poem.

Feel Like Going to Town?

The Harlem Hamfats...born at the wrong time.

Somewhere Beyond La Mer

A man as prolific as Charles Trenet (850 songs published over a 60 year career) probably doesn’t rest much, even on the train.

Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb

Up and Atom! It’s the Music of the Atomic Age.

Square Dancing

Now grab your partner by the hand…

BACK TO SCHOOL! Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell

Pencils, books and teacher’s dirty looks…It’s Back To School week!

The Death of a President

Cylinders served as much more than simple entertainment. This one aimed to capture, and perhaps ease, a nation’s sorrow.

BACK TO SCHOOL! Just A Little Old Schoolhouse

Pencils, books and teacher’s dirty looks…It’s Back To School week!

That’s Stovepipe No. 1, If You Please

Teardrops From My Eyes

Yankee Stadium is commonly known as The House that Ruth Built, but in the 50’s, the same could be said of Atlantic Records.

When the Atom Bomb Fell

Up and Atom! It's the music of the Atomic Age.

Sam…the Pants!

Here’s an up-tempo tale of tailoring gone awry.