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The Cowboy Code

What do you get the cowboy who has everything?

Jump For Joy!

How did Duke Ellington do "his piece" for the Civil Rights movement?

The Banjo King

You can’t help but admire the patriotism of a guy who lies about his age to get into the Navy. Especially if that age ...


  On today’s episode we’re talking electronic music…and the importance of a thorough resume.   You’re on the Sound Beat.   Miklos Rosza had ...

Roamin’ in the Gloamin’

The man Winston Churchill called “Scotland’s greatest ambassador”.

Mascaras Alegres

Couples sway to the music, hand in hand, step matched for measured step. But we're not in Austria, or Vienna...we're in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Put It There Pal!

A buddy song from two of the best buds in the biz.

Dark Was the Night…

Blues fans and extra-terrestrials alike may recognize this one.

Honey in the Rock

The Carter Family’s rendition of “Honey in the Rock", a Coral Record from 1949.

Netty Netty

Wait, they banned what?!

Canoe Song

How Paul Robeson started making one film, and ended up making another altogether.

The Coffee Cantata

Two keys to any good marriage: understanding and coffee.