National Chili Month

Episode Air Date: October 2, 2017
Artist: Billy Murray
Recording Title: Chili Bean

It’s the perfect time of year for a bowl of red, whether you’re tailgating or seeking respite from the “chilly” weather. But where did the spicy dish come from? Some point to divine inspiration; The 17th century Spanish nun Sister Mary Agreda claimed the recipe came to her in a trance. Others believe it was 18th century San Antonio settlersf rom the Canary Islands.

What we do know is there all kinds of chili. There’s Con Carne and Sin carne (that’s with and without meat)…You’ve got Texas, and Cincinnati style… and some folks will even try to sneak a white chili past you. Most have one thing in common…the chili bean, or it’s powder form.

You’ve been listening to Billy Murray with… “Chili Bean”, a cylinder recording from 1920.

Want a “presidential” chili recipe? LBJ, (that’s Lady Bird Johnson) was known to put together one mean bowl of red, getting so many requests that she put together these cards.


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