The Invention of the Tuxedo

Episode Air Date: November 1, 2016
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Where would fans of proms, weddings and novelty t-shirts be without the tuxedo? Some believe it all started in Tuxedo Park, a small village in Orange County New York.  It was there, they claim, that Pierre Lorillard designed the jacket and wore it to high society functions, the first being October 10th, 1886. Others credit King Edward VII. Either way, we know for sure that the creator of Tuxedo Junction was Erskine Hawkins. Here he is from 1939.

A little info for your next fitting: The body of the coat should brush those fingers, sleeves right below the wrists. The slacks are worn at the waist, gentlemen, with pleats fallng naturally, and the hem brushing the shoetops.

What was Jerry Seinfeld’s complaint about the tux? Find out right here

And here’s Jack Donaghy’s take.


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