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Drum Boogie…Revisited.

When you wanted a rare or even obscure 78, Records Revisited on West 33rd in New York was your place. Unless, that is, it ...

Mean Ol’ Twister

Today we’re talking tornadoes and…You’re on the Sound Beat.

25 Minutes to Go

Johnny Cash got a little help from a beloved children's book author on this one.

Whatever Lola Wants

Men, title, even a new name: whatever she wanted, she got.

Cold, Cold Heart

Big Stuff

Billie Holiday was known to record with ease, often needing only one take for her best studio recordings. This tune, however, was a whole ...

General William Booth Enters Heaven

Can you name an Army with outposts in over 100 countries, yet 0 weapons?

Whoopin’ the Blues

One of the most distinctive signature sounds in all of recorded music.

The Fisk University Jubilee Singers

You’re listening to the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University sing Peter on the Sea, from 1927,

Camp Meeting Jubilee

Alan Freed may have been the first to attribute "Rock and Roll" to a musical form, but he wasn't the first to use the ...

Strong To The Finish!

Today, we take a closer look at Popeye: sailor man, spinach enthusiast and quite possibly the first superhero to grace the funny pages?

Lalapaluza Lu

"The girlfriend of the Armed Forces."