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The Colonel Bogey March

One of the most famous, and best-selling, marches of all time.

Rocket 88

One of the first songs in rock and roll history, and maybe the first to use guitar distortion…but, not on purpose.

Oscar’s Blues

The National Film Board of Canada honored Oscar Peterson with a short film, “Begone Dull Care”, in 1949. It was  directed by Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart. ...


One of the first operas. Period.

Launch of Sputnik

The Soviets took a major leap ahead in the space race, 54 years ago today.

Explaining The Blues

Who better to explain the blues than the woman who named them?

National Chili Month

It’s the perfect time of year for a bowl of red, whether you’re tailgating or seeking respite from the “chilly” weather. But where did ...

12th Street Rag

Few today recognize the name Euday Bowman, yet during ragtime’s heyday Bowman’s 12th Street Rag was one of the most well-known tunes around.

Grateful Roots – Sitting On Top Of The World

GRATEFUL ROOTS: Sittin’ On Top of the World

Love and Marriage

It’s ironic that celebrity marriages command such attention, when all seem to be made up of the same three key ingredients: Glitz, glamour and ...

The Invention of the Tuxedo

Every day is "Black-Tie Optional".

Peach of a Pair

Who does the word “crooner” bring to mind? Sinatra, Bing, Buble? Well, if not for a terrible accident, Columbo might have headed that list. ...