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Kon Tiki

You’re listening to “On A Raft in the Middle of The Ocean” by Francis Faye, and you're on the Sound Beat!

Canada Day

Hope you like Maple Frosting...it's Canada's Birthday!

El Rancho Grande

Sorry Bing...the star of this song is a curious little instrument called the ocarina.

Baby Your Mother

Just what she always wanted: Walter Scanlan on an Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder from 1928.

US Mail Medley

Hey kids...the image before you is what's known as a "stamp".....

Who Wants S’more(s)?

The best thing to happen to campfires since split wood.

The Force

"Let go."

Positively 31st Street

Not your average minstrel song...

Gracie Discovers A Movie Star

George Burns knew the secret to his success…his wife Gracie.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

What did French composer Paul Dukas have in common with that famous cartoon mouse?

Cousin Emmy

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?


 How Rudy Vallee’s 32nd birthday forever changed…the telegram?