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1928 Medley

Basil Fomeen was a composer, arranger, conductor and very nearly a one-man band. Born Wasily Fomin in Kharkoff, Russia, Basil Fomeen headed the…Basil Fomeen ...

Cowboy’s Sweetheart

One of the fore-mothers of country music...plus yodeling!

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

At the outset, Big Rock Candy Mountain seems like a child’s dreamland. So…why all the cigarette trees?

Atomic Cocktail

Up and Atom! It’s the Music of the Atomic Age, and…

On Top of Old Smoky

Pete Seeger recorded his arrangement of “On Top of Old Smoky” with The Weavers in 1951, but the tune had been traveling the Appalachians ...

“To be…or not to be…”

Sir John Gielgud as the original Dark Knight


There’s not a word in the English language to describe how cool Slim Gaillard was.

Cubs on Parade

Sadly for some, all dances must come to an end.

Hail to the Chief!

Some guys really know how to make an entrance. And…some need a little bit of help.

Father’s Day

No one complained when Mother’s Day was made a national holiday in 1914...

Joe Turner Blues

Not to be confused with Big Joe Turner, the "Joe Turner" in this song is actually Joe Turney.

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Sports fans who recognize this tune might be cringing...