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Cotton-Eyed Joe

Sports fans who recognize this tune might be cringing...

Rite of Spring

Simply put, one of tne most revolutionary compositions in musical history.

Boston Tea Party

Party like it’s 1773!

La Bamba!

Happy Cinco de Mayo...let's dance!

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural

Orson Welles in a Decca recording from 1945

Rousing the Irish

You’re listening to a Victor recording of legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne… …and you’re on the Sound Beat. This isn’t the famous “win ...

The Victors

One of the most famous collegiate fight songs, and one of the most frequently mistaken titles.
Wikimedia commons

The Unknown Soldier

You are listening to The Unknown Soldier's Grave, recorded in 1926 by Vernon Dalhart, and...


Most everyone knows the story of the pied piper…what you might not know is that the tale may be a true one.

La Marseillaise

All you need is...revolution?

STAR WARS Week: Rescue

"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

STAR WARS Week: Old Ben

"He's kind of a strange old hermit."