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I’m Going to Vote For a Republican!

You’re listening to Harry Stewart as Yogi Yorgesson and…

Jolie Blon

Get out your Cajun dictionary...you're gonna need it.

Hunting Wolves

“The Hunting Wolves”, an Edison cylinder recording made by Ernest Thompson Seton in 1920.

Listen…If You Dare!

Whether you’ve been planting tombstones in the front yard or planning on turning the lights off early, Halloween is here.

Gallis Pole

Perhaps no man is more qualified to sing a song of impending execution than the "Murderous Minstrel" himself, Huddie Ledbetter.

Beethoven vs. Napoleon

Beethoven initially considered Napoleon a kindred spirit; indeed, they were more or less the same age, grew up in modest households, and neither had ...

Never Swat A Fly…

Those lyrics you hear, the “Never swat a fly, he may love another fly”…They’re cute, but they also hint at ideologies found in many ...

A Capitol Idea

You’re listening to “I Found A New Baby”, recorded in 1942, and…

Old Man Atom

Up and Atom! It’s the Music of the Atomic Age.

Keep Your Options Open

No matter what your line of work..it’s always good to have a back-up plan. Just ask James "Kokomo" Arnold.

The Big Grand Coulee Dam

Woody Guthrie, with just a "dam" good song.

Down the Field!

Guest host Mike Tirico on one of Syracuse University's greatest athletes.