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Superman 1.0

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s a borderline-abusive superhero!

Canoe Song

How Paul Robeson started making one film, and ended up making another altogether.

Netty Netty

Wait, they banned what?!


Jay McShann gave birth to the “Kansas City Sound”, but this song has gone down in history as a beginning of another sort.

The Edison Tone Tests

Is it live, or is it…Edison?

Ain’t It The Truth

William James Basie got his start in Harlem, but he wasn’t “Count Basie” ‘til he got to Kansas City.

Drive Right In

Richard Hollingshead learned a lot from the test run of his big idea.

Laguardia’s Lament

The squeaky landing gear gets the grease

Casey Jones

One of the most popular tales in American folk history.

Double Trouble

Frankie Jaxon had a rather unique performing edge.

Pretty Polly

Love, loss and cold-blooded killers.

Forbidden Fruit

You’re listening to Nina Simone, the high priestess of soul, and You’re on the Sound Beat This song forbidden fruit is from the same ...