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You can’t hear Auld Lang Syne and NOT think of New Years Eve. And you can think Guy Lombardo for that.

Der Graf von Luxemburg

It’s that age old tale of love and marriage…and money.

Murder on the High C’s

Do not adjust your radio. It’s actually supposed to sound like this.

Ride an Old Paint

Before all the Pulitzers, Carl Sandburg’s baritone made him famous.

Christmas at Sea

All I Want For Christmas…

Digital Wassling at its finest! It’s Happy Holidays Week, and…

Bedtime At The Zoo

A glimpse into…the zoo: after hours.

Bride Of The Waves

You’re listening to Herbert R. Clarke’s Bride of the Waves from 1915, and…

Bei Mir Bistu Shein

Sholom Secunda was a songwriter, not a fisherman. But he could tell you all about the “one that got away.”

Waltzing Matilda

Australia's unofficial anthem.

Lester’s Savoy Jump

Considered one of the most influential saxophonists in history, Lester “Prez” Young succeeded Coleman Hawkins at the height of the swing era.

San Francisco Burns

A sad fact of life: sometimes things go from bad…to worse.