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All Shook Up

Elvis played guitar on this 1957 RCA recording, but…not in the way you’d think.

Ain’t Misbehavin’

How Louis Armstrong’s first international tour earned him his famous nickname.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Walter Huston recites the words of Walt Whitman.

I Could Cry

You’re listening to Jim Reeves with I Could Cry, an Abbott 45 from 1953, and…   Gentleman Jim Reeves had 51 top ten hits ...

Mary and the Lamb

Well you know this one…the first verse anyway.

You’re A Grand Old Rag

How a Civil War vet inspired one of our favorite patriotic tunes.

A Grand And Glorious Feeling

Jack Hylton would become one of Britain’s foremost bandleaders, but got his start in barrooms…at the age of 8.

Feel Like Going to Town?

The Harlem Hamfats...born at the wrong time.

Workin’ on the Railroad

This favorite folk song is All American, but railways themselves predate the country…by more than 2,000 years.

I’m Going to Vote For a Democrat!

You’re listening to Harry Stewart, by way of “psychic medium”...

I’m Going to Vote For a Republican!

You’re listening to Harry Stewart as Yogi Yorgesson and…

Jolie Blon

Get out your Cajun dictionary...you're gonna need it.