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When the Apollo 11 crew returned home they splashed down 900 miles southwest of Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean.

Moon Moods

During their pioneering voyage Michael Collins made note of the “strange electronic-sounding music” Neil Armstrong played on cassette.

Flying Home

In total, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stayed on the moon for about 22 hours, and got only about 2 hours outside the lunar ...

Story’s Texas Moon

Most anyone alive during the first lunar landing can tell you exactly where they were. For Dr. Story Musgrave it was a very special ...

The Battle on the Ice

The film Aleksandr Nevsky is a recounting of a 13th century prince’s rise to national hero-dom. But parallels to the storyline echoed through the ...

Destination Moon

50 years ago the Moon was the destination. Former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe explains how, in the future, it could be just the jumping ...


Only 65 years separated the flights of the Wright Brothers and the Apollo 11 crew.

NASA’s Jupiter Joke

The planetary punchline we didn’t know we needed.

Coolidge, Lindbergh and The Atlantic by Moonlight

Charles Lindbergh’s solo transatlantic flight made him a hero, garnered him presidential praise, and changed commercial flight forever.

Kerouac’s Moon

The moon has served as muse for countless numbers of poets, from the unnamed and unknown, to Shelley, Dickinson, and Kerouac. But only one ...

The Jade Rabbit

Paredoilia is the tendency to reconcile vague shapes as something you’re familiar with, like seeing shapes in clouds the craters of the moon: a little ...

Allegheny Moon

You’re listening to the Lennon Sisters from 1956 and…