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The Okeh Laughing Record

This one’s good for a laugh.

The Buffalo Nickel

You’re listening to The Buffalo Nickel, a Bobby Smith Apollo 78

Old King Tut

  For listeners of a certain age, a song about King Tutankhamen immediately brings Steve Martin to the mind’s theater. His “King Tut” mock-reprimanded ...

The Fabulous Bremen Boys

When you think of early aviators, names like Wright, Earhart and Lindbergh probably spring to mind. But unless you’re a confessed aviaphile, names like ...

Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown

Crazy Blues

A milestone recording that came about quite by accident.

Flying Crow

Dave Alexander billed himself as Black Ivory King. You could say he was “better-known as”, but barely anything is known of the man at ...

Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me

This song, Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me, is a response to events surrounding Ford’s newspaper, the Dearborn Independent. One of the largest publications ...

The Biggest Aspidistra in the World

A big old hit about a big old plant.

BANNED! Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Wait...they banned what?!

Love In The Stacks

Casanova: rakish seducteur, suave, dashing… librarian?

627 Stomp

Just payin' dues...
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