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To prove his theory that his fellow Italians would like any English song, singer Adriano Celentano released this tune in 1972. It features nonsense lyrics meant to sound like American English…and it’s awesome.

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Rest in Peace, Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard was a bad kid. “Incorrigible”, to be precise: that’s how his mother described him, when she turned him over to the cops, beginning his first jail stint at the tender age of 11(!). He’d bounce in and out of jail, (including one escape), but wasn’t fully rehabilitated until, while an inmate at San […]

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Wild Animals I Have Known

Author and artist Ernest Thompson Seton helped found the Boy Scouts, but is perhaps best known for his 1898 collection of stories entitled Wild Animals I Have Known. Beautifully illustrated and written from the animal’s perspectives, he told the tales of Silverspot, the crow, Raggylug, the cottontail rabbit, and Lobo, King of Currumpaw. Watch the […]

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