Hello all! These posts will serve to give you a little glimpse into the work I’m doing for Sound Beat. Thanks again to the John Ben Snow Foundation for making it all possible!

October 23rd – October 29th

 Met with reference librarian to discuss resource options to find more information about the Road Series songs. She suggested perhaps focusing on the past reviews of the movie and any mention of why they were popular (if it was because they were funny, use a part of a song to show that humor). – 2 hours

Collected a list of Road series songs the archive has and basic information that might be helpful in my research. Started looking for song information (finding it’s not that easy as a lot of the songs were not very popular). Searched through movie reviews from newspapers that might mention any songs. Decided to focus on trivia from the Road Series might be easier and started research for that. – 7 hours

Planned ideas for the blog – perhaps instructions on how to search the archive? – 1 hour