Hello all! These posts will serve to give you a little glimpse into the work I’m doing for Sound Beat. Thanks again to the John Ben Snow Foundation for making it all possible! This will be my last one for a bit, as I’ll be off for the end of semester break, but back with you in a few short weeks. Happiest of Holiday wishes!

December 4th – December 10th

Finished up “Road to Sound Beat Episodes” – 6 hours

Started to look for second theme idea. I’m thinking “All in the Family” – a week that features sibling/family musical acts, or to get more specific, perhaps “Sister Acts”…which is probably pretty self-explanatory. There are so many greats to choose from…obviously the Andrews Sisters jump right to mind, but I’m considering staying away from them since they’re the obvious choice. I located over ten acts that I know we have in the archives including sisters: Dinning, Boswell, McGuire and Lennon. What do you all think? If you ever have any comments, please post them below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @onthesoundbeat! – 4 hours