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Babes In The Wood

Little Einsteins, Mozart for Mommies…we’ve come a long way, babies!

August 10, 2021
The Cruising Crooner

Jack Owens was known as the Cruising Crooner, a name he earned by navigating the crowds…and paying special attention to the ladies

August 9, 2021
“I Owe My Soul to….”

Merle Travis recorded the original 16 tons in 1946…though he did have a little help with its legacy.

August 6, 2021
Classic Soundtracks: As Time Goes By

How a ten year-old song and a three year-old unpublished play combined to make movie history. Herman Hupfeld wrote  As Time Goes By in 1931 for the Broadway show “Everybody’s Welcome”. It’s inextricably linked to the film, as is Dooley Wilson who played “Sam”, and made this recording in 1942. Even the film’s screenplay came from an ...

August 5, 2021
Eleven-Cent Cotton, Forty-Cent Meat

It’s been said that farmers felt the stock market crash of 1929 less than most. For them, the Depression had already started years before.

August 4, 2021
La Marseillaise

All you need is…revolution?

August 3, 2021
Coolidge, Lindbergh and The Atlantic by Moonlight

Charles Lindbergh’s solo transatlantic flight made him a hero, garnered him presidential praise, and changed commercial flight forever.

August 2, 2021
Listen Mr. Bilbo

Mr. Theodore G. Bilbo was a US senator….and not a good one.

May 18, 2021
How Tom Whitewashed the Fence

This excerpt from Tom Sawyer, coming in the book’s second chapter shows Tom at his cunning, conniving best.

May 15, 2021
The Force

“Let go.”

May 4, 2021