Episode Air Date: July 17, 2019
Artist: Leonard Bernstein, The New York City Symphony Orchestra
Recording Title: The Airborne Symphony

Man’s ancient dream realized.

You’re on the Sound Beat.

Only 65 years separated the flights of the Wright Brothers and the Apollo 11 crew. 65 years, with all the achievements in the interim and the names associated with them, Goddard, Lindbergh, Earhart, Yeager, Gagarin, Glenn, all coming down to the one moment when Armstrong left the lunar lander and stepped for the first time onto the surface of the moon. And when he did, he brought a remembrance of home with him: remnants of the propeller and fabric of the original Wright Flyer.

You’ve been listening to the Airborne Symphony, composed by Marc Blitzstein. This RCA Victor 78 features the New York City Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, recorded in 1946.




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