You’re listening to Edna Brown, also known as Elsie Baker, with a Blue Amberol cylinder from 1913, and you’re on the Sound Beat.

Brown, or…Baker, lived an entertainer’s life. Her career started onstage at 10 months old, and would last nearly ninety years. So, from 1880’s to the late 1960s…meaning vaudeville, cylinders, records, silent films, “the talkies”, radio and tv.

Life insurance quotes for the Apollo 11 crew were, sorry in advance, astronomically high. With great risk ahead, the men wanted to provide for their families. They knew there would be a demand for their autographs, especially on “covers”: envelopes post-marked on important dates. During pre-flight quarantine and downtime, they signed. And signed. The autographs were postmarked and distributed among the astronaut’s families, enabling the men to keep their proverbial eyes on them, even while “sitting” on the moon.