Cotton-Eyed Joe

Episode Air Date: May 10, 2016
something Recording Title: Cotton Eye Joe

You’re listening to Adolph Hofner and his San Antonians and you’re on the Sound Beat.

Sports fans who recognize this tune might be cringing…a 1994 version by Swedish Band Rednex…yes, that’s Rednex with an x, has become a modern-day arena anthem. To some it’s probably a real toe-tapper, and to others it’s as welcome to the ears as the vuvuzuela….The Texas Rangers, though, have used the Al Dean and the All Stars version as their seventh-inning-stretch for over 40 years. The original song propagated through both the United States and Canadian folk traditions, predating the American Civil War.   

Hofner and his San Antonians made this,  the most popular recording of the tune in 1941. Hofner was a pioneer of Western swing, a blend of jazz, polka, folk and blues that would become, in effect, country music..

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One Response to “Cotton-Eyed Joe”

  1. Joel Shimberg
    January 29, 2015 at 07:54 #

    This is the Texas/Southwest “Cotton Eyed Joe”. There are other tunes, musically unrelated, that share the same title It would be wrong to call these ‘versions’ or ‘variants’, because in dance-tune history or traditions what matters is the music, not the name. I think that the usual cause of name-multiplicity is that the name belongs to the dance and that different fiddlers either found or devised different tunes that fit the dance.

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