It’s that age old tale of love and marriage…and money.
You’re listening to the Opening Overture of Franz Lehar’s 1910 operetta Der Graf von Luxemburg. We are often our own harshest critics; before it’s debut, Lehar called the piece ‘Sloppy work, completely useless.’ Despite his opinion, the play ran for 299 straight performances in its original run. The story tells of a bankrupt playboy count, approached by a Russian prince with a…semi-indecent proposal. He’ll pay the Count’s debts if the Count agrees to marry the object of his affection.
Alas, she is but a lowly opera singer, and beneath his marrying station.
The marriage would be a sham, (but, really, what marriage isn’t? Sorry…happy anniversary, honey.)  Anyway, the move would make her royalty, a divorce would make her single, and the Prince would make her his wife.
How could it possibly go wrong? Find out right here.


This episode was written in part by Syracuse University student Craig Kober as part of the Sound Beat Class Partnership.