When Les Paul almost lost his arm in a terrible car accident, he got his priorities in order real quick.

After the 1948 accident, one that would keep him in the hospital for almost a year, doctors nearly amputated Les Paul’s right arm. Good thing he got a second opinion.  That doctor said “He’s not driving a hay rack, he’s a great guitarist.  We’re gonna save it if we can.”

And save it they did, with only one catch. Whatever angle they set his arm, it would remain that way permanently.  In true rock and roll fashion, Paul asked them to set it at just below a right angle….so he could keep on playing guitar.

Les Paul helped pioneer the invention of the modern electric guitar, eight track recording and many other studio innovations.

How’d Les Paul influence a mop-topped group of musicians from Liverpool , England?*

*Inspired by Paul’s version, The Beatles played this song during their first peformance at the world-famous Cavern Club.