No matter what mood you’re in, this one will get you movin’.

In The Mood has come to be one of The Glenn Miller Orchestra’s most popular and enduring hits. In July of 1940, Billboard published it’s first ever Music Popularity charts. The Orchestra was responsible for 3 of the top ten, and this one hit number one, topping the charts for 13 weeks.

All in all, The Orchestra had over 70…that’s seven-zero, top- ten hits in just a 3 ½ year period.  In 1940 alone they had 31.  

The tune has become synonymous with the Big Band era. The Grammy Hall of Fame inducted this recording, and the Beatles used a few bars at the end of their 1967 hit “All You Need is Love”. Want proof?  It’s right here… pay special attention to the 3:07 mark.