You’re listening to the Five Satins with In the Still of the Night, an Embassy 78 from 1956 and….

You’re on the Sound Beat

Nighttime is often the right time for thoughtful reflection. Especially when one is on guard duty in the Army. Such is the case with this song, written by Fred Parris while on active duty. He and the Satins recorded it in the basement of the St. Bernadette church in their hometown of New Haven, Connecticut. It was a big hit, but Parris didn’t get to celebrate long. He would be called back to active duty shortly after the release.

Just how big a hit was it? It’s the only song to have made the Billboard top 100 3 times…that’s the same artist with the same version. It debuted at #24 in 1956, was released again in 1960, reaching #81, and then a year later it reached #99.

It’s also talked about as the origins of doo-wop. Find out more right here.



(Photo taken at La Silla Observatory)