You’re listening to a Victor recording of legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne…

…and you’re on the Sound Beat.

This isn’t the famous “win one for the Gipper” speech, rather a re-creation of a pep talk Rockne would occasionally give his teams. He’d use whatever means necessary to rouse the Irish. Including, well, bending the truth a bit. Here’s former player Sleepy Jim Crowley on one such speech, during which the coach read a wire, (from “his son” who was “critically ill” in the hospital), that read “I want Daddy’s team to win”.

We won the 1922 Georgia Tech game for Billy….There was a big crowd to meet us at the station, and running around in front of everyone was ‘sick’ little Billy Rockne, looking healthy enough for a Pet Milk ad.

So, if you’ve never seen a Pet Milk ad…enjoy.