The bread slicer was invented in 1928. But anthropologists believe humankind has been cooking meat for thousands of years, as evidenced by the existence of bronto-ribs on the Flintstones. These early methods involved low-temp smoking the meat for a long period of time. This “slow and low” process helped to kill bacteria, and the mouthwatering aroma exuded probably didn’t hurt. For What our great ancestors probably lacked in table manners, we haven’t changed their cooking process all too much since then. The iconic Weber Kettle grill brought it to the backyard in 1952, and the gas grill followed shortly after, but purists might flinch a bit at barbecue cooked with charcoal briquettes, never mind propane. And don’t even mention the crock-pot.

You’ve been listening to “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue”, a 1949 Columbia record by Jimmy Dorsey and The Original Dorseyland Jazz Band.

Photo credit: Wally Gobetz