Someday You’ll Say OK!

Episode Air Date: May 28, 2020
Artist: Vaughn DeLeath
Recording Title: Someday You’ll Say OK!

It’s believed to be the most recognizable word on the planet, and possibly the first word spoken on the moon. And the overwhelming likelihood is that you’ve said “OK” all your life, in a bunch of different ways. Why, you’ve said it to:

–         Agree: Like, I don’t know, when they ask you at the barber shop if their “intern” can cut your hair: “OKAY.


–         To ask for agreement: Like when you tell the guy, expressly, that you “don’t want it too short, OKAY!?


–         To…reassure: Like, “it’s OKAY, he’ll stop there…I mean, he has to, he’s seen people’s heads before.”


–         And to interrupt.  “OH-KAY…this is over. This….this is not a haircut.”



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