Arthur Godfrey was a 50’s tv and radio icon, an aviator, equestrian…but not such a great tour leader.

You’re on the Sound Beat

You’re listening to The 1000 Islands Song, a Columbia 78 recorded in 1947. The archipelago lies in the St. Lawrence River, on the US-Canadian border. There are actually about 1800 islands, each passing the stringent criteria of :A. being above water level year-round, B. Having an area greater than one square foot and C. bearing at least one living tree.

That island mentioned there, 793, is an actual one, belonging to…Arthur Godfrey. That’s right…it was gifted to him by Grant Mitchell of the 1000 Islands Admiralty in appreciation of the song. Check out more right here.

“BoldtCastle aerial” by Teresa Mitchell; levels adjustment by Howcheng. – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons