The Banjo King

Episode Air Date: March 7, 2019
Artist: Eddie Peabody
Recording Title: Painting The Clouds With Sunshine

Ok, young teens sneaking into the Navy might make you question the standards of 1916 recruitment offices, but look, it happened, and Eddie Peabody got through it all okay. As a matter of fact, he went on to a long career in show business, earning the nickname “King of the Banjo”. Granted, they may have given out the nickname a bit early, and definitively. This song serves as a perfect exemplar of his other nickname, “The Happiness Kid”, attributed for his perpetually sunny disposition. Here’s “Painting The Clouds With Sunshine”, a Regal recording from 1929.


He specialized in the plectrum banjo, a smaller version with 4 instead of 5 strings. And he helped develop variations on the instrument, like the Vegavox and the banjoline.


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