“Born” about 20,000 BC and “died” May 2, 2003. Well, he had a good run.

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The Old Man of the Mountain was a series of granite slabs on Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire. Viewed from the side the slabs gave the cumulative effect of a man’s face, leading to its other nickname: “The Profile”. “He” became the state’s unofficial emblem, and was immortalized by both Daniel Webster and Nathaniel Hawthorne, the latter of which called it “a work of Nature in her mood of majestic playfulness.” Sadly, the old man succumbed to thousands of years of erosion in 2003, and the slabs tumbled to the ground below.


You’re listening to “Old Man of the Mountain” by Cab Calloway, a Melotone  record from 1933. The song was used in a Fleischer cartoon that year featuring Calloway and Mae Questel as Betty Boop. Wanna see it?