Waltzing Matilda

Episode Air Date: December 18, 2019
Artist: Peter Dawson
Recording Title: Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda is one of Oz’s best loved songs and a common refrain at national sporting events. Peter Dawson is another Aussie favorite; the bass-baritone’s recording career spanned half a century. A Matilda, in this case, is a bag or sack, and to “Waltz Matilda” is to travel the countryside, or the bush, with a bag in tow.

The song involves a hobo, a sheep, and the authorities, though you might have a hard time deciphering the language. If that’s the case, we’re happy to help you out. Click here for an explanation of terms, OR, for click here for a video of a different version.  This one’s by Rolf Harris and contains a bit of explanation, and accordion, for good measure.


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