The banana may be the perfect food. A low calorie, fat-free natural antacid, it’s high in potassium, which reduces stress, and fiber…which…you know. In 1923, Frank Silver and Irving Cohn wrote Yes! We Have No Bananas reportedly inspired by a Brazilian banana shortage. You’re listening to Brazilian singer Almirante with “Nos Temos Bananas” recorded in 1938.

Others say it was written about a Greek grocer on Long Island, some point to the Windy City for the song’s origins. But the song’s title was used by painter Pavel Jerdanowitch for his critically-acclaimed 1924 painting.  At least, that’s what the art community thought. It was all a hoax, propagated by the real painter to prove that the critics were all full of…uh, fiber.

It’s a great story of critical comeuppance. Read more here.