Dr. Sarah Sally Short on motorcycle on the campus of Syracuse University

Dr. Sarah Short: Long on Life - Sarah Short Cover art rectangle 182x300Trailblazer. Icon. Dynamo.

These are the words interviewees used to describe Dr. Sarah “Sally” Short in this audio documentary featuring colleagues, friends and some of her 55,000 former students. A joint production of Falk College and the Syracuse University Libraries, the piece also features David Falk (’72), Dean Diane Lyden Murphy (’67, Ph.D. ’83) and Chancellor Emeritus Kenneth A. Shaw in tribute to one of the University’s most beloved past professors.

Dr. Short joined the Syracuse University faculty in 1966, and would teach 14 courses in Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Food Science, Minerals, Biochemistry, and Education. Approximately 1,100 students took her classes each year, and she retired in 2016 after a half-century in higher education. Colleagues and administrators credited her with practices that were ahead of their time, while past students recounted memorable classes the likes of which earned her the moniker “Psychedelic Sally”.

Suffice it to say that the motorcycle figures prominently.

Choose from the full audio documentary or an abridged version set to a slideshow.

Interview by Michael Veley, Director and Chair of the Sport Management program.

Dr. Sally Short: Long on Life (audio)