“King Arthur and the Book of Corbenic,” based on the story of the same name by Christopher Catroppa ’22.

This retelling of the noble King’s tale portrays Arthur as a young man gazing into his own future, and towards a quest that will change everything he knows about life and love.

This Access Audio production represents a year-long internship spent fully exploring the process of making audiobooks and the culmination of the author’s graduation from the InclusiveU Program at the Lawrence B. Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education. Supreme thanks to Creative Consultant Patrick Doyle and Composer John Vallely.



Title Credits

Read for you by Price Waldman

Introduction read for you by the author.

Produced by Brett Barry, Chris Catroppa and Jim O’Connor

Post-Production by Silver Hollow Audio

Music by John Vallely

Creative Consultant Patrick Doyle

Text Copyright 2016 Christopher Catroppa

Audio production copyright 2022 Christopher Catroppa

All rights reserved.