Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Many listeners will recognize this tune as “that Easter song.”

The Last Flight of the Lady Be Good

The American B-24 Bomber departed a Libyan Air Base on a bombing raid in April 1943.

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How Tom Whitewashed the Fence

This excerpt from Tom Sawyer, coming in the book’s second chapter shows Tom at his cunning, conniving best.

The Kid Auto Races in Venice

Charlie Chaplin would become the world’s biggest star, but the first emergence of the Little Tramp played second fiddle to…go-karts.

My Jo (w/Patrick Doyle)

Patrick Doyle's childhood home was filled with singing, and the effects would be long lasting. Here the composer reflects on the words of one ...

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Record Store Day Logo

Record Store Day

by Patrick Williams April may be known as the cruelest month, but not if you are a fan of vinyl records. Sales and production of new vinyl LPs have experienced a staggering rise in the the last decade or so. One expression of this renewed popularity comes around on the third Saturday of every April. [...]

Signals, Calls, & Marches

By Patrick Williams For college football fans, the early winter weeks can be brutal— not just because half of our teams will inevitably lose their final games, but because the weekly tradition of rooting for those teams recedes into memory as players declare for the NFL draft, coaches get fired, and we get a lot [...]

“You can’t cook with a test-tube mind.”

By Patrick Williams “Food is important. Especially at meals.” These are Arthur “Bugs” Baer’s opening words to George Rector’s 1937 book Dine at Home with Rector: A Book on What Men Like, How They Like It, and How to Cook It. This thick volume documents the adventures and advice of the restaurant titan and gastronimical [...]