Episode Air Date: December 21, 2016
Artist: Harry Humphrey
Recording Title: A Visit From St. Nicolas

The yearly visit is one most kids look forward to. If they made the NICE side of the list. But those who…drifted to the NAUGHTY side might want to stay inside on December 5. Krampusnacht, as the day was named centuries ago in Austria, marks the yearly coming of Krampus. He’s St. Nick’s devilish companion, serving to set bad kids straight, and not by handing out coal. Noooo, Krampus deals in fear, threatening beatings with whips and switches.

Those who celebrate Krampusnacht do so with parades and costumes depicting the beast. And, as you might guess, a fair amount of imbibing. Want to see a typical Krampus celebration? Click here….





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