Strong To The Finish!

Episode Air Date: January 16, 2017
Artist: Frank Luther
Recording Title: Popeye The Sailor-Man

In January 1917, Popeye made his debut in E.C. Segar’s “Thimble Theatre” comic strip. The calorically-challenged Olive Oyl was the original star of the strip, and already had a romantic interest by the name of “Ham Gravy”. But apparently she was more of a forearms gal…You’re listening to Frank Luther with “Popeye the Sailor Man”, the first recording of the song, made in 1934.

So about the superhero thing: DC and Marvel fans might bristle, but Popeye was the first in print. And according to Random House Dictionary, a superhero is a hero “possessing extraordinary, even magical powers.” So what if said powers come from a canned vegetable?

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