“When I was a boy the Dead Sea was only sick.”

Fifteen years ago today George Burns shuffled off this mortal coil. What a life! Vaudeville, radio, tv, film…Burns was around for the bulk of the major advancements made in the entertainment industry. And talk about longevity…he lived to the ripe old age of 100, and worked almost all the way up until his death. With cigar in hand, of course. Just how many did he smoke a day? If you’ve visited the “Gracie Discovers a Movie Star”  episode page you know the answer…if not, click here.

The quote above is only one of a bunch of George’s gems. So after you’ve listened to the episode, check these out, and let us know your favorite!

Thanks for the laughs, George.


Chasing the Sound

For anyone who works in, on, or anywhere near recording studios, Les Paul’s name should be spoken in reverent tones. The man was single-handedly responsible for more studio innovations than any other…overdubbing, tape-delay and multi-track recording, to name just a few. Oh, and a little thing called the solid-body electric guitar. As you’ll hear in today’s Sound Beat, he not only lent his name to his invention…he knew his way around the instrument too.

When you’re done listening there’s a great documentary on Paul at Hulu.com called Chasing Sound!. You’ll dig it.