Well, after this weekend, we’ll know which four teams are Atlanta Bound.



Out of the 330 schools in NCAA Division 1 Men’s basketball, the 68 teams that made the tourney have been whittled to 32, 16, 8, and now, the final four are moving on to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.


And, look, crafting episodes with such care as we use takes time…so we’ve made these in advance, buuuuut…we pick… the team with the animal mascot. Every year that the final four have played in Atlanta, a team with an animal mascot has won.


You’re listening to Johnny Marvin with Atlanta Bound, a recording made in 1932 on the Varsity label…a happy coincidence. One of the top crooners of the 20’s, and one of the big kahunas during the ukulele craze of that decade.

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