You’re listening to Munchkinland by Victor Young and his Orchestra.

Every year the village of Chittenango NY turns into a veritable Land of Oz, during Oz-Stravaganza. The festival pays tribute to their town’s favorite son, the Royal Historian of Oz, L. Frank Baum. Their theme for 2013? The Patchwork of Oz, a reference to the ever-expansive and all-inclusive Oz universe.  From the books, to stage productions, a traveling picture show, an earlier film, the MGM smash, and beyond….

They celebrate with parades, guests from the Oz universe, including the original munchkins, and even an Emerald Idol singing contest. Would-be participants need not sing Oz-related songs…but we bet it doesn’t hurt with the judges.

They do it every year in Chittenango…though they had to cut festivities short in 2010. That was the year, and you can’t make this stuff up, a tornado warning cut down on the activities.


Thanks to Barbara Evans and Colleen Zimmer, two of the many people who keep the -stravaganza going. This year’s edition will run May 31st to June 2!

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