A glimpse into…the zoo: after hours.

Song Cue:

When the shades of night are softly creeping

Up across the garden at the zoo.

Sure, you’ve heard of Night at the Museum. But what happens when all the animals get tucked in? Let’s listen to Ada Jones with “Bedtime At The Zoo”, a Blue Amberol Cylinder from 1914.

Song cue:

…now the leopard hangs his weary head

Then the tawny tiger stops his growling

 Every beast is thinking of his bed.

Oh my!

Goodnight Mr Elephant, tiger cease your play.

Ada was one of the most popular performers of her era, particularly for her duets with Billy Murray and Len Spencer. You can hear this complete recording, along with more than 1400 others at the Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection. Just google BELFER DIGITAL, or go to Soundbeat.org

Sound Beat is produced at the Belfer Audio Archives, Syracuse University Libraries.