Man, remember this scene in the movie? No. You don’t. It was cut, and probably with good cause. It was originally conceived of as a way to get younger audiences interested in the film. The Jitterbug craze was sweeping the nation, and the scene had Dorothy and pals dancing wildly after being bitten by…well, a jitterbug. Buuuut, the film ran over time, and cuts had to be made. Yup, 5 weeks to rehearse and film, then…poof. It’s remained a popular inclusion for stage productions, and in 1995, a grainy home video of the original scene, shot by composer Harold Arlen was released.


But…they missed a spot. In the film, The Wicked Witch tells the flying monkeys that she “sent a little insect to take the fight out of” the fearsome foursome. It’s one of a couple of continuity errors in the film.


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