You’re listening to Ralph Young and the Ray Charles Singers with The Legend of Wyatt Earp, a 1955 Decca 78. The mark of authenticity Earp brought to a film set in the 20’s must have been invaluable. Especially to the young actor who befriended him, fetching cups of coffee in exchange for firsthand tales of the West from one of its central figures. Marion Morrison credited his acting persona, down to his style of walk and trademark drawl to those interactions with Earp.

And if you don’t know Marion Morrison’s trademark drawl, well that’s because he changed his name to John Wayne for his first leading role in the 1930 Fox Studios film “The Big Trail”.

Image: A picture of a pistol left in Juneau, Alaska by Wyatt Earp, who was on his way to Nome, Alaska. It is on display at the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau. and the photograph is in the public domain.