Arthur Sullivan was one of Britain’s most important composers, one half of a little theatrical team known as Gilbert and Sullivan. But in his own words: “I have composed much music since then, but have never written a second Lost Chord.”

Arthur Sullivan composed The Lost Chord in 1877, at the bedside of his dying brother. Sullivan was known for his partnership with W.S. Gilbert, of course, as well as hymns like “Onward Christian Soldier”. But The Lost Chord would remain his favorite, as well as one of his most enduring compositions. You’re listening to the sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle Organ, played by Edward Kimball in 1927.

The organ Mr. Kimball played isn’t in use anymore, but the “new” Salt Lake Tabernacle Organ, built in 1948, retained some of the old pipes. Good thing, as it’s made up of more than 11,000 pipes in 206 rows, known as “ranks”.

You’ve got to see this thing to believe it. And you can, right here.