We’ve mentioned Dalhart a bit on the program, and that’s because the man sold millions of records…in the twenties.

The song concerns a soldier, so disfigured during battle, that he could not be positively identified. His’ remains were buried and marked by a tombstone with no name.

We honor our unidentified soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery, at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. Watch is held by Sentinel of the Old Guard, members of the 3rd United States Infantry the oldest active-duty infantry unit of the United States Army. It’s a tremendous honor to achieve Sentinel, making The Tomb of the Unknown badge the second-least awarded badge in the Army…number one being the Astronaut Badge.

For those who have not witnessed it, get more on this touching display right here.

This episode was written in part by Syracuse University student, Dennis Bitetti as part of the Sound Beat Class Partnership.