Not Fade Away

Episode Air Date: July 30, 2020
Artist: Buddy Holly and the Crickets
Recording Title: Not Fade Away

Buddy Holly left “The Crickets” with whom he recorded 1957’s “Not Fade Away”, in ‘58. Waylon Jennings started backing him on bass, and famously gave his seat up (gave up his seat?) to The Big Bopper on that fated flight. In his words:

“I remember the last time I saw Buddy. He had me go get us some hot dogs. He was leaning back against the wall in a cane-bottom chair and he was laughing at me. He said, ‘So you’re not going with us tonight on the plane, huh? Well, I hope your ol’ bus freezes up. It’s 40-below out there and you’re gonna get awful cold.

Jennings’ response: ‘Well, I hope your ol’ plane crashes.’”

Most anyone would forgive him the line as joking repartee, but that’s not how guilt works. He would keep the story secret for years. Read his entire account right here



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