Happy Birthday Twitter! 5 years old…we remember your first tweets! Actually, the first one was “Inviting Co-workers”, sent 5 years ago by co-founder Jack Dorsey. And in case you think it’s just tech-ies, sports stars and Charlie Sheen, there are over 200 million accounts out there. And it’s growing…a year ago, twitterers sent out 50 million tweets a day. A month ago, that number was 140 million, and barely a couple of weeks ago, on March 11, 177 million! But waaaaay before that, Provol’s Golden Birds were tweeting away.

Nathan Provol of Syracuse, NY taught his canaries to accompany classical recordings, and brought the act to Vaudeville. They spent 25 years entertaining audiences on stages throughout the country. After his career, Provol nested in Chicago, where he opened a canary store/training center/hospital. For more on Provol’s Golden Birds, click here.