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The Victors

One of the most famous collegiate fight songs, and one of the most frequently mistaken titles.

October 5, 2015
Rock Island Line

How did Huddie Ledbetter get his famous nickname?

August 20, 2015
Talkin’ Blues

You’re on the Sound Beat…with Anna Canoni, the granddaughter of Woody Guthrie. Woody once said “If you use more than two chords you’re showing off”. But the simplicity of the music provides the perfect backdrop for Guthrie’s lyrics. (Interview) Many credit Woody with inventing the “Talkin’” format, with it’s free-formish, rambling melody.  But Christopher Allan Bouchillon’s recording of ...

August 4, 2015
Buffalo Skinners

Buffalo Skinners

August 3, 2015
The Unknown Soldier

You are listening to The Unknown Soldier’s Grave, recorded in 1926 by Vernon Dalhart, and…

July 23, 2015

Most everyone knows the story of the pied piper…what you might not know is that the tale may be a true one.

July 22, 2015
STAR WARS Week: Rescue

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

May 7, 2015
STAR WARS Week: Old Ben

“He’s kind of a strange old hermit.”

May 6, 2015
STAR WARS Week: Lord Vader

One of the best, um, worst(?) baddies of all time.

May 5, 2015
National Library Week – Mary Baker Eddy

How a serious injury influenced the founding of the Church of Christ, Scientist.

April 16, 2015